Wikipedia Corporate Index - FleishmanHillard launches analytics tool

First analytics tool worldwide to evaluate company articles on Wikipedia

With the Wikipedia Corporate Index (WCI), communications agency Fleishman-Hillard now offers companies a comprehensive analytical tool that evaluates all approx. 15,000 German company articles in a standardised score card. The WCI was developed by a team led by Arne Klempert, Director Digital at Fleishman-Hillard and former spokesman for Wikipedia in Germany. The tool provides a solid decision-making basis for corporate communications officers in terms of measures to improve corporate entries on Wikipedia as well as a basis for competitor comparisons. For the technical implementation and design of the online platform, Fleishman-Hillard worked with compuccino, an agency experienced in data visualisation.

Despite the significance of Wikipedia corporate entries, no suitable analytical tool has been developed to date that evaluates the presence of one’s own company or that of competitors. Yet, the quality of such entries is of major importance. Corporate Wikipedia entries are also always included among the top hits in Google. Articles on prominent companies can easily have more than 100,000 hits per month.

Arne Klempert, Director Digital at Fleishman-Hillard Germany: “With the Wikipedia Corporate Index there is now finally a standard for evaluating company articles on Wikipedia. At the same time, we want to use this kind of analysis to create a deeper awareness among communications officers of how Wikipedia works.”

The WCI includes all the approx. 15,000 German entries on companies. The data are summarised on an individual comprehensive Report Card for each company. The evaluation of the approx. 40 influence factors is categorised into four areas:

  • Authors and edits: incl. the age of the article and number of authors, visualisation of the editing process and overview of the most active authors
  • Content and structure: incl. the scope, categorisation, completeness and currency of the data, images, references and community evaluations
  • Links: incl. presence in other languages, incoming, outgoing and reciprocal links and categories
  • Page views: average number of views per month and daily representation of access statistics

A score value is determined for each of the four categories. These scores are then used for an overall evaluation of the article which is ranked on a scale of 0 to 100. In future, Fleishman-Hillard will also offer different kinds of rankings – for example, for DAX and Eurostoxx companies as well as for various industries. Registered users can update articles selected by them in real-time and create customised rankings such as competitor comparisons.

Hanning Kempe, General Managing Director of Fleishman-Hillard Germany: “By linking analysis and measurability, we again demonstrate the pioneering role our agency plays in the field of online communication. The service that we provide with the WCI is of major significance, above all, in terms of the strategic further development of Fleishman-Hillard.”

The Wikipedia Corporate Index by Fleishman-Hillard is now available free of charge at