Cyber Resilience in the Healthcare Sector - Protective Shield against Cybercrime


The increasing threat of hacker attacks and other cybercrime does not stop at the healthcare sector. The healthcare sector has long been one of the main targets for national and international cybercriminals. Be it doctors’ practices, hospitals, pharmaceutical and medical technology companies, care facilities or health insurance companies: Increasing digitalization with more and more electronically held, confidential data and patient information as well as ever closer networking in practice and hospital operations, coupled with rising phishing and malware attacks worldwide, are leading to growing risk. However, they are also causing increased security awareness in the healthcare industry.


Volker Pulskamp“As cyber experts, it is often incomprehensible to us why those responsible for management do not think through the dangers and risks of a cyber attack and its possible effects on their patients, customers and their own work in advance. Playing through and simulating the scenario of a cyber attack once helps to quickly close already obvious gaps both in the IT area and on the communication and organizational side. Experience shows that crisis prevention helps to save a lot of money in the event of an emergency – as do trainings and simulations of the crisis and communication team, so in our opinion it makes a lot of sense to invest in this as well.” – Volker Pulskamp, Head of Corporate Communication & Crsis Lead Germany

Shield against hacker attacks and cybercrime

Especially in crisis prevention and cyber resilience, the need and requirements for management, crisis teams and communication officers are increasing. FleishmanHillard’s extensive cyber crisis communications experience, gained from a large number of successfully managed cases, enables it to provide optimal support and advice – both in crisis prevention and ad hoc cyber crisis communications, as well as in reputation (re)building after a crisis has been overcome.


Nadine Dusberger“The healthcare sector is part of the critical infrastructure in Germany. In the last two years, we have all experienced intensively how essential good medical care, diagnostics and access to medicines, vaccinations, medical products and professional care are. This makes it all the more important to protect this sector and all digital data from cyberattacks in the best possible way.” – Nadine Dusberger, Head of Healthcare

Services in detail

  • Cyber Resillience workshops with gap analyses to identify gaps in crisis preparation, crisis defense and crisis management (processes, information chains, organization)
  • Healthcare cyber simulations to educate and train crisis teams and communications teams to professionally prepare for potential cyber crises
  • Cyber crisis response materials for professional preparation of necessary information materials for relevant target groups (holding statement, employee and customer information, press information)

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