Medical Writing - Preparing Medical Content in a Comprehensible Way


Today, medical knowledge doubles every 73 days*. However, the population’s health literacy continues to decline*. This makes it all the more important to communicate medical knowledge in a way that all target groups, whether they are physicians, pharmacists, medical and pharmaceutical assistants, patients, or their relatives, can understand and remember the information when needed.

Nadine Dusberger“Medical writing belongs in the hands of experts. That’s because they effortlessly succeed in presenting complex issues in such a way that they will be read.” — Nadine Dusberger, Head of Healthcare

Medical facts convincingly formulated

To achieve just that, FleishmanHillard has its own medical writing team that can prepare medical facts in a way that is appropriate for the target group and suitable for all channels. Our experts combine communications know-how with specialist knowledge. And bring their expertise to all formats.

Services in detail:

  • Press releases
  • Special publications
  • Narratives
  • CME articles
  • Slide kits
  • Infographics

From CME to press releases

FleishmanHillard’s medical writing team brings expertise in more than 20 indications, writing for pharmaceutical companies as well as medical device companies. The team’s special hobbyhorse is oncology. Do you have questions about the medical writing team at FleishmanHillard? Then please contact our expert Nadine Dusberger, who is responsible for the healthcare area.

*Source: Coronavirus pandemic: Managing the information overload (


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