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If you want to deploy your valuable communications resources in a targeted manner and with optimum prospects of success, you should base your decisions on data. What is the competition doing? What is my target group talking about? What am I already doing well in terms of communication? These are all cornerstones for informed decisions that data can provide us with.


Stefanie Söhnchen“One potential of digital communication is the high transparency of the return of investment – if you know what you can and want to achieve, you have control over how to get there at all times. Data helps with this and is the key.” – Stefanie Söhnchen, Vice President Digital Strategy & Agency Marketing


Data can give us a clear picture of what we should focus on in communications. We help identify the right data, compile it via professional tools or manually, and we also evaluate it. Here, we not only map the pure numbers or observations, we also always derive concrete recommendations for action from the data.

Those who work with data before and during their communications work can place messages in a more relevant and targeted manner. They also have a greater chance of success, by identifying trends, exploiting niche potential and avoiding mistakes.

This can be done across industries for both B2B and B2C.

Services in detail

  • Social listening
  • Competitive analysis in the digital space
  • Crisis monitoring
  • Digital trend scouting
  • Content analysis SEO
  • Keyword research SEO
  • Performance analysis & reporting

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