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Every day, we are bombarded with countless information and messages on all channels. While the attention span of consumers is constantly decreasing, their demands on brands and companies with which they interact are increasing at the same time.

How do we create relevance for brands and companies in these times? By bringing together what interests the target groups, what the brand has to offer and say, what is on the media’s news agenda, and what benefits society.

Uwe Schubert“The boundaries between PR & Marketing and Corporate & Consumer are becoming increasingly blurred. That’s why companies and brands need to think holistically about their communications strategy. This applies not only to their communication disciplines, but also to their actions.” – Uwe Schubert, Head of Strategy

For us, Strategic & Creative Planning means creating the strategic foundations for the greatest possible communicative impact: with the right message to the right target group, at the right time, in the right place.

Our focus is always on the target group. We track down target group insights, identify social and cultural contexts, analyze customer journeys and examine the interplay between brand, market and people.

A catalyst for creative ideas

Strategies are only successful if you can implement them. That’s why our strategy expert Uwe Schubert is also a catalyst for the development of great, creative ideas.

Services in detail

  • Target Group Insights
  • Customer Journey
  • Brand positioning
  • Purpose development
  • Narrative and messaging workshops
  • Campaign platform
  • Creative Idea

Our expertise enables us to develop relevant, differentiating and credible brand positioning and communication strategies – whether for companies, organizations or product brands.

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