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Videos are booming and generate high click numbers. Even complex communication is best done simply in the digital age – i.e., via moving images. Information and entertainment merge seamlessly in video. And videos can be consumed passively, without effort or hurdles. That’s why video should be scheduled as an integral part of any PR and marketing strategy!

Here’s how: First and foremost, develop a moving image strategy, focus on a core message, and map out a clear goal, including target audience and playout path. Then the concrete content, the necessary protagonists and their statements, and above all the visual appearance of the video are determined.

The possibilities are many: video works as a crisp infographic clip on LinkedIn or Instagram, as a personal CEO video message on the company homepage or as an exciting explainer film on YouTube. Our video content marketing team helps to find the right video format – with strong images and original sounds and creative graphics. Emotional and rousing, serious and informative. Or even: short and to the point. It’s a wrap!


“We have a lot of production experience, many hours spent on shoots and in interviews, bringing people and their stories to others. For our clients’ campaigns, we do just that: we look for image stories that touch and interest our target groups. It sounds banal, but it’s always right in approach – no matter which client, brand, or product it’s about.” — Sabine Berger, Head of Video Content Marketing at FleishmanHillard Germany


Always the right video

By now, probably all industries rely on videos. They are at the top of the list of users’ favorites, and algorithms give them preferential treatment. Not least because of this, they decorate the websites of companies, are the news medium of choice and determine the attention in social networks. Communication without video? Seems unthinkable.

But that’s precisely why a well-thought-out moving image concept is essential: a concept that fits into the PR and marketing strategy of the respective company and has a meaningful function there. A concept that recognizes the gaps and plays to strengths.

Services in detail

  • Media and platform analysis with a focus on video
  • Content conception
  • Visual storytelling
  • Video production including motion design
  • Shooting planning & scouting of protagonists and locations
  • Camera and interview training

Detailed consulting leads to the video format that best achieves the respective goals. Our video expert Sabine Berger has years of experience in TV and video productions, interviewing and moving image strategy and ensures that messages get across and that internal and external corporate communications are visible to everyone.

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