• What makes a good contact on LinkedIn? Part II – How to make myself a good contact

    In our personal social network communities, we value good exchange, relevant reach - and the feeling that we can approach contacts when we need something. But what many people forget is that they have to become such a contact themselves before they can expect others to do the same. But how do you become a good contact on LinkedIn?...

  • What makes a good contact on LinkedIn? Part I – Finding contacts

    As in most social networks, LinkedIn now looks at the size of the personal network - below the 500+ in the profile, the network does not seem complete. In fact, especially in business networking, quality trumps quantity. So what makes a good contact on LinkedIn?

  • Don’t be afraid of triviality: LinkedIn is not the new Facebook

    Particularly in the German digital scene, there are repeated fears that the loss of reach on Facebook will now make LinkedIn the medium of choice. The concern is that this would lead to a trivialization of content. In fact, however, this is not the case, at least not to any relevant extent. Why? Here are a few clues...