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Today, more than ever, brands have to meet the demands of consumers in order to be viable and sustainable. The decisive criteria here are “purpose-driven” and “sustainability” – they are the actual drivers of positive purchasing decisions. The media are now also following this pattern. The focus is on gripping stories instead of exclusive product placement.

At the heart of the matter is the fact that, from a consumer perspective, brands today bear social responsibility. Only if they take this responsibility seriously will they be able to fulfill their expanded role. It is not enough to merely formulate and communicate goals, intentions and values – it is also, and above all, the implementation that determines the image that consumers have of the brand in question. If you want to be considered authentic, you have to follow up your words with verifiable actions. Today’s target groups can very quickly recognize who is just talking or who is consistently acting.

Goal- and topic-driven communication strategies and concepts

We focus on target- and topic-driven communication strategies and concepts. Our experts ensure your visibility and relevance with your relevant target groups. With appropriate campaigns and dedicated storytelling, we transport your right messages for brands and companies to the public and your target audience. Our motto is: Act instead of react. Agile. Transparent. Authentic – and always ahead of the trend. To this end, we use modern tools for segmenting target groups as well as for selecting media and topics.

Consumer insights are a special focus. Consumer behavior can change very quickly today. Thanks to our detailed insights, we understand the drivers of change and develop brands precisely those stories that have a tangible and measurable impact on consumer behavior. We know the trends. We know the target groups. And we understand the motivations – that’s the basis of our communication concepts.

Expertise in numerous industries

We offer services primarily for the following sectors: Food & Kitchen, FMCG (“Fast Moving Consumer Goods”), Consumer Health, Retail, Lifestyle & Beauty and Consumer Electronics. Our experts know the industries and know what is important for your stakeholders.

Services in detail

  • Consumer insights, target group analysis & trend watching
  • Brand strategy
  • Campaign development
  • Stakeholder analysis & management
  • Media, influencer, testimonial & stakeholder relations
  • Audio PR & marketing, podcasts (format development, consulting advertising formats, native ads, cooperations, copywriting & storytelling for podcasts & radio PR)
  • Influencer relations
  • Influencer marketing
  • Content development (releases, statements, editorial, advertorial, interviews, expert content)
  • Social content (social content calendar, format development of static postings, reels, videos)
  • Creative production (layout, design (print & digital), storyboards, photo shoots, PR props, brochures)

With a wide range of services, we cover the complete range from market analysis to concrete campaigns, with a special focus on the creative use of social media.

Our Experts

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