ESG Consulting & Corporate Citizenship - Companies Under Obligation


If there is one key term that perfectly reflects the spirit of the times, it is sustainability. It appears as a buzzword in almost all economic, social and political debates and is now regarded as a formula for solving the enormous challenges facing societies around the world. Transformation is also one of these terms, bringing a multitude of facts and developments to a common conceptual point. 

The four major drivers of climate change, digitalization, geopolitical competition and populism, enriched by the Corona pandemic, are having a direct and indirect impact on companies and on entrepreneurial activity in general. Companies are both causally involved in some of the changes and affected by them, creating a high pressure to adapt. 

Their task is to deal with necessary changes as early as possible. Then they can seize the opportunities of transformation and mitigate the risks through appropriate resilience. What’s more, they can and must convince all stakeholders of the future viability and intrinsic value of their own business model, and thus generate a competitive advantage.

From ESG to CSR – Commitment Is Multifaceted

Whether Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Corporate engagement has many labels. Sustainability and sustainability, stakeholder management and public spirit can be directly linked to another term: corporate citizenship. This refers to the commitment of companies to civil society. In this way, they want to make a contribution to a fairer and more sustainable world.

Behind this is the recognition that the current social challenges hardly spare any area:¬†Companies contribute to the changes and are affected by them – in some cases even existentially. They can no longer pursue social issues “on the side.” On the contrary, they must use their core business to meet the new demands.

Sustainability in every respect

But how can this demanding task be mastered – all the more so in tense times? FleishmanHillard offers appropriate consulting services for all industries and brands. “Appropriate” means that we cover the entire spectrum – from campaigns on individual topics to comprehensive concepts and strategies. In doing so, we combine know-how and experience with a high degree of creativity to ensure congruence of the stakeholder approach with the corporate goals.

Services in detail

  • ESG in brand communication – with our special “FleishmanHillard ESG Readiness Check”, we check the potential “greenwashing resistance” of the communication messages in advance
  • ESG reporting (sustainability reports, CSR reports)
  • ESG strategy: content, stakeholders
  • ESG campaigns
  • ESG issue management
  • Thought leadership

CSR by conviction

The demands on business commitment and thus on corporate responsibility are high – not least in terms of public expectations. The spectrum ranges from donations and sponsoring to conscious consumption and certification according to social and environmental standards. Our team of experts around Dr. Sebastian Schwark knows what matters and offers competent and committed consulting services in all relevant areas – not least because a commitment to ESG and CSR is also a matter of conviction for them.