Corporate Reputation - Change Creates New Challenges

The world is in upheaval. Climate change, digitalization, geopolitical tensions and the crises of democracy are changing the framework of our economic activity. Only those who have grasped the implications of this transformation can help shape the change. Forward-looking and agile management takes this into account – and can thus effectively manage the risks of transformation and exploit the opportunities that arise.

The perspective of society must be reflected in management decisions from the very beginning. Value creation takes place where the interest of stakeholders is included and reputation is systematically managed. Reputation is the product of behavior and the expectations of social stakeholders. Effective and contemporary reputation management therefore consists of much more than corporate positioning and CSR campaigns. It requires a comprehensive strategy that does equal justice to the business model and corporate responsibility.

We specialize in professional reputation management for companies and organizations. In this way, we support decision-makers in strategy and communication.

Thinking about and implementing reputation management holistically

We see reputation management as a value driver. With our methodical focus on stakeholder groups and social interests, we leverage value creation potential. We work with clearly defined processes, but always individually related to the company, data-driven and creative.

Our portfolio consists of five components that build on each other: strategy development, reputation analysis, reputation building, reputation management and organizational consulting.

We think reputation management multidimensionally: business-driven, but within the conflicting demands of society. Value-driven, but value-bound. National and international, local and global.

We know the decision-making processes and development logic of companies. We create acceptance and understanding for corporate strategy and entrepreneurial action, as well as the concerns of different stakeholders. We create sustainable relationships. This is how we protect our clients’ “license to operate”.

We offer comprehensive corporate communications from a single source. We work “channel-agnostically” – i.e. in all channels that reach the target groups. We create validity for corporate responsibility and strengthen the company for and in crises.

Services in detail

  • Strategy development
    • Strategy process
    • Scenario planning
    • Trend analysis
  • Reputation analysis
    • Issue deep dives / issue assessments
    • Stakeholder surveys / opinion polls
    • Social media analyses
    • Profile analyses Executive Leadership
  • Reputation building
    • Corporate Positioning
    • Executive Positioning
    • Corporate Citizenship Programs
    • Stakeholder Programs
    • Content Production and Placement
  • Reputation Management
    • Stakeholder Management
    • Issue Management
    • Risk Management
    • Crisis resilience
  • Organizational Development
    • Structure Corporate Communications Departments
    • Target organization and target culture