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There are three types of ideas: the right ones, the good ones — and the really good ones. Right ideas are important because they help to overcome a concrete challenge to everyone’s satisfaction. Good ideas inspire and ideally provide a new perspective. Really good ideas go one step further: they surprise and open the senses to entirely new possibilities. They break through walls and overcome hurdles, unite opposites and shed new light on things. That’s why we like really good ideas best. But every kind of idea has its raison d’être — and the customer always has the last word. This applies to corporate design as well as to the layout of products, websites, etc.


Matthias Lass“It always turns out that there are three types of ideas: the right ones, the good ones and the really good ones.” — Matthias Lass, Head of Creation


In the beginning is the idea: Whoever wants to present products, services, company images or complex issues in a surprising and contemporary way, needs above all an outstanding, salient and downright irresistible impulse at the beginning. This is also and especially true for FleishmanHillard: We see ourselves as a manufacturer of ideas, as “creators”. Here, “making” always means “thinking along” and developing our own ideas, combining creativity with precision and experience. Of course, we can also “implement” — campaigns, infographics, and event equipment as well as corporate designs and social posts.

Branding, design, layout & co.: from idea to creation

It can be a long way from the initial idea to the final result. And a laborious one – but it doesn’t have to be. With the right advice and a harmonious chemistry between client and agency, the foundation is laid for a fruitful collaboration.

Services in detail

  • Ideation
  • Conception & Creation
  • Campaign development
  • Visual Storytelling
  • Branding & Corporate Identity
  • CI-Manuals & Corporate Design
  • Layout & Design
  • Creative Workshops
  • Video and photo productions
  • Social Content

Content is what counts — but not only that

As the spectrum shows, FleishmanHillard also relies on the principle of collaboration and accompaniment. From conception to creation, from video production to complete corporate identity — but also in the form of workshops and the joint development of campaigns.

“Content is king,” they say. This also applies to our working methods and philosophy: content is what counts; without it, the most beautiful and creative packaging has little value. But a good message has a stronger impact if it is made even more attractive with unusual ideas. The important thing is that one fits with the other and doesn’t distract from the essentials, but underlines and reinforces them. Our experts Matthias Lass (Creative Director) and Mona Doerre (FH Content Studio), like many others at FleishmanHillard, stand for the fact that creativity and content always form a unity, on both a small and a large scale. And that, in addition to the many right and good ideas, it is above all the really good ones that prevail. And we have enough of them — we promise!

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