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Whitepaper: Corporate Design - Integral Part of the Corporate Story

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What our ancestors expressed through a family crest or even an individual check pattern on their kilts was the togetherness and identity of a tribe or dynasty. Basically, companies today do the same: with the help of corporate design, the similar design of all products, they underline their corporate identity. This is not just about products, but the entire corporate image in the public eye.

FleishmanHillard supports companies in telling their very own corporate story. This should also flow into the corporate look, which is why we develop the appropriate corporate design at the same time. By the way, this can also be done for individual products or company divisions without having to “break out the big silverware”.


Matthias Lass“The close linking of corporate culture, corporate communications, corporate behavior and corporate design is an essential prerequisite for the stringent management of corporate identity. It visually supports the corporate story of a company, creates distinctiveness and reinforces the USP. Together with corporate communications and corporate behavior, it forms the core elements of corporate identity and thus the fingerprint of every brand. The corporate story is a serious challenge for companies in all industries. The effect of a coherent corporate design is often underestimated, but it can be a strong advantage in the competition for customers and new colleagues.” – Matthias Lass, Head of Creation


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Matthias Lass



Matthias Lass
Head of Creation