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User-Centered Communication

User-centricity in communication is not a fashionable term, but a mindset. User-centricity brings a new perspective to companies and places the needs of various target groups at the center of all company processes. A human-centric mindset should be established throughout the entire company and at all interfaces with people – digital as well as analog.

In communications work, User-centricity – whether with customers, journalists, or even employees – does not mean adopting an “outside in” attitude. It’s about packaging messages in such a way that users also get something out of interacting with companies and brands.


Stefanie Söhnchen“Many German companies – small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as corporations – continue to communicate in a self-centered way. ‘We have done this’ – ‘We have achieved that’. But why should users be interested in this? A new mindset is needed that communicates corporate messages in such a way that readers get something out of it. Because attention has never been more contested than it is now. Communicators who do not rethink their user-centric approach will be at a competitive disadvantage in the long run. The whitepaper therefore provides countless concrete and pragmatic approaches to address and create this.” – Stefanie Söhnchen, Head of Digital Strategy


Learn in our whitepaper “User-centered communication – With a human-centered mindset in corporate communication, content marketing and design & strategy to more success in B2B, B2C and B2E business”, among others,

  • why you should take a step towards human-centered corporate communications
  • what user experience (UX), user-centered business communication and human-centered mindset means
  • which methods you can use to introduce a human-centered mindset and establish it in the long term
  • more about the two dimensions of user-centricity in your company:
    • the external focus – the B2C and B2B customer experience
    • the internal focus – the employee experience


Download now: Whitepaper: “User-centered communication” (available in German only)


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Stefanie Söhnchen



Stefanie Soehnchen
Head of Digital Strategy