Healthcare - Seizing Opportunities In a Dynamic Market


Since the pandemic, companies in the pharmaceutical and medical technology sectors have been even more in the public eye. They are not only being watched closely – but also judged very quickly. Innovations, new technologies and supply chains repeatedly make the headlines, both positive and negative. But the population’s declining health literacy coupled with an increasing supply of information also opens up new perspectives for health communication. All this makes work in this segment particularly challenging, but also offers healthcare companies many opportunities.

Nadine Dusberger“Interest in healthcare companies and their topics has rarely been as high as in the last two years. This offers companies great opportunities to permanently sharpen their reputation and anchor themselves in the relevant set of their main target groups” – Nadine Dusberger, Head of Healthcare

Strategic consulting at eye level

In challenging times, competent consulting is especially important. The consultants of the FH Healthcare team have almost 300 years of combined consulting experience in healthcare communication. They help companies to anchor themselves and their products sustainably and successfully with relevant market participants and to create demand.

Broad spectrum – from brand to crisis

The team covers a broad spectrum of consulting – from brand positioning to crisis communications, from patient advocacy to influencer relations.

Services in detail

  • Corporate Health (reputation, corporate & crisis communication for companies in the healthcare industry)
  • Brand and corporate positioning
  • Cross-channel pre-launch, launch & post-launch communications for RX, OTC & medtech, digital health applications
  • Patient communication & awareness campaigns
  • Storytelling & content development
  • Digital Health
  • Media relations
  • Influencer Relations
  • Medical Education