Work(shops) from Home: How to Make Remote Meetings and Workshops More Productive

Work(shops) from Home: How to Make Remote Meetings and Workshops More ProductiveWhen suddenly all colleagues are working from home, the way we work together changes as weil. Collaboration and constructive exchange still work to a certain extent in well-rehearsed teams. In other constellations it becomes much more difficult. Everywhere, important workshops are currently being postponed. Brainstorming sessions are suspended or return to being an individual problem instead of a team effort. And previously productive meetings are morphing into tediously long video conferences. While a third of the participants continue to work on other tasks in parallel, only half of the actual topics are dealt with – soon overall satisfaction is affected one hundred percent.

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Productivity Hacks for Online Meetings

Keeping a few simple things in mind can achieve a lot in meetings with multiple participants. To make virtual meetings as productive as face-to-face meetings at the office, it helps to follow these basic guidelines for your next online business meeting.

You can download our tips and tricks for productive remote meetings and workshops here.

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Your workshops or meetings are in the pipeline, but you are not sure if they can be implemented online successfully? You finally want to collaborate independently of location and use the prescribed home office to persuade skeptics? Our facilitator team will be happy to advise you on the conception, tool selection and moderation for your successful remote workshop – results-oriented, interactive and everything but boring. Contact us to learn more!

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