• Digital markets law: EU wants to regulate tech giants

    With the Digital Markets Act, the European Union is making another attempt to regulate tech giants like Amazon, Google, and Apple. The primary concern here is their questionable role as digital gatekeepers and the associated danger of potential abuse of their market power...

  • Modern pharmaceutical communication today

      Hospital and practice visits are a rarity for pharmaceutical sales representatives under the Corona pandemic. In some cases, hospitals and practices implement the ban on visits very strictly in order to protect their patients. Large industry exhibitions in the context of congresses have not been possible for a long time, and whether they will find their way back into congresses in this form may be doubted. But how can the medical profession be informed...

  • What reputation management means for brands and why it is important

    Our colleagues at news aktuell recently published a survey according to which reputation is important or even very important for 97 percent of companies in Germany. Despite this overwhelming importance of the topic, however, only slightly more than half have a strategy for systematically building it up — and only slightly more than a third measure changes on a regular basis. Sounds unusual at first glance — after all, one would assume that communicators should...

  • The pitfalls of the Corona vaccination campaign

    As a doctor in health communication and from direct experience with patients, I am used to communicating with difficult people and asking the most unusual questions. It is precisely for this reason that I decided to support the vaccination campaign and act as a vaccinator in addition to my agency work. Now, on September 26, 2021, the vaccination center closed. That's why it's time to share some thoughts about my experience...

  • Crisis communication in 2021: the five most important key learnings

    So far, the year 2021 has certainly not been poor in one thing: crises. From our experience with clients we have supported and accompanied with crisis communications, five lessons can be distilled that will make life easier - and safer - for everyone involved.

  • Building social media reach through community building

    More followers, more reach, more engagement – the list of KPIs for corporate social media communication looks something like this. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about positioning people or about corporate content. What many forget here, however, is the “social” in social media – and thus also that there should be a “give” before the “get”.

  • Work(shops) from Home: How to Make Remote Meetings and Workshops More Productive

    When suddenly all colleagues are working from home, the way we work together changes as weil. Collaboration and constructive exchange still work to a certain extent in well-rehearsed teams. In other constellations it becomes much more difficult. Everywhere, important workshops are currently being postponed. Brainstorming sessions are suspended or return to being an individual problem instead of a team effort. And previously productive meetings are morphing into tediously long video conferences. While a third of...

  • Gods in White or All Just Hype? Three Strategies for Healthcare Communication in the Digital Age

    Digitalization hasn’t spared the healthcare industry. Today, new, digitally-driven treatment methods and preventative techniques aim to make society’s most common ailments a thing of the past. But the reality is: we’re far away from a humanitarian utopia. For example, more than half of the German population is overweight; tendencies are rising. And the healthcare has long been swallowed by cost pressure. Physiological and psychological health remain leading global challenges.

  • Thinking the Unthinkable – 4 Propositions

    Even experienced Public Affairs professionals couldn’t have imagined last year’s political changes: Brexit, Trump and the rise of right-wing populist parties throughout Europe. Many citizens have snubbed elites, turning their back on traditional political structures and norms. Looking back is scary for many Public Affairs professionals, looking forward shaped by great insecurity. In view of the upcoming elections in European neighboring countries and the German Federal Elections in September, businesses and associations raise the question...