User-Centered Communication

Stefanie Soehnchen

What can I do about declining social media numbers? And why are you no longer performing so well?

Our Vice President Digital Strategy, Stefanie Soehnchen has answers to these questions – summarized – in the video above:

In her opinion, the key to success lies in what she calls “user-centric communication”.

There are various aspects that make customers happy in the exchange and thus also have positive spillover effects on the brand.

On the one hand, some communicators forget that online communication is not governed by fundamentally different rules than offline interpersonal communication.

Just because we communicate with customers on the Internet does not mean that all customs and expectations are completely different.

This means that our communication on the Internet works just like in the “real” world: It is important to let users participate and not just talk about themselves.

This can be achieved, for example, with the help of call-to-actions or interactive features that encourage interaction with our content.

On the other hand, relationship management is also positively influenced because relevant content is produced.

Another important aspect of user-centric communication is that algorithms want to show users what is most relevant to them.

Ergo: If you don’t think about yourself and your own brand when creating your own content, but about what others might find exciting and then combine both, you will score points.


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